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MSD Soft Global License grants access to current versions of...

MSD Soft Global License grants access to current versions of ALL our programs without user limits for a working location of a company. These licenses include free upgrades for minor updates of all the programs.

If you want to purchase a Global License for all the working locations of your company in a Country or in the World, please find the approppriate licenses in our purchase web page:http://www.

msdsoft. com/esp/purchase. htmCurrently these are our available programs:MSD Organizer, MSD Organizer Multiuser, MSD Organizer portable: complete personal and professional information manager.

MSD Tasks, MSD Tasks Multiuser: visual tasks manager for workers and work teams with automatic generation of work orders. MSD Documents, MSD Documentos Multiuser: documents and correspondence manager, which allows to manage a library or the documentation and correspondence of a company or government agency.

MSD Collections, MSD Collections Multiuser: complete manager for Books, Magazines, Movies, Music and Software. Movies and Music information can be obtained from Internet.

MSD Employees, MSD Employees Multiuser: complete employees information manager: holidays, absences, contracts, salaries, knowledge, education, overtime hours, etc.

MSD Strongbox, MSD Strongbox Multiuser, MSD Strongbox Portable: confidential documents manager which provides maximum security for the information stored in the program.

MSD Sales, MSD Sales Multiuser: sales analysis tool, which allows to get many different reports about the sales of several companies. MSD Passwords, MSD Passwords Portable: passwords manager of maximum security, which allows to navigate to your favorite Internet protected sites without recalling user names and passwords.